Implant Crowns in Tulsa, OK

Implant Crowns in Tulsa, OK

Implant crowns are dental restorations used to replace missing teeth. At Dieterlen Dental, implant crowns can be a good option for restoring your smile after you lose a tooth. The crowns are made of porcelain material and designed to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth, making this a popular choice for many patients. The implant crowns are a permanent dental restoration that stays in your mouth like your natural tooth did.

How Do Implant Crowns Work?

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is the strongest metal used for dental restorations. Titanium has a natural affinity with bone, which is crucial in preventing implant failure. Once the implant has been successfully fused with the jawbone, it’s able to support a crown, bridge, or even a full set of dentures.

The Advantages of Implant Crowns

  • Preserves Natural Teeth

Implant-supported crowns help you preserve your natural teeth. If a tooth is severely damaged, your implant dentist may recommend an extraction. However, if that extracted tooth is not replaced with a prosthetic soon, the neighboring natural teeth might shift to the gap left by that tooth, creating other dental problems. But with implant crowns, you can avoid this fate. By replacing the extracted tooth, an implant enables you to keep the rest of your teeth and avoid other costly procedures.

  • Prevents Bone Deterioration

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth can result in jaw bone deterioration. When you lose a tooth, your body perceives that tooth as no longer necessary. As a result, the jawbone that used to support that tooth will begin to deteriorate. Dental implants can prevent this deterioration by mimicking your natural teeth’s roots in stimulating the jawbone and preventing the deterioration that occurs when a tooth is missing.

  • Preserves Facial Structure

Aside from implant crowns helping prevent deterioration of the jawbone, they also replace teeth that, if left unreplaced, would have sunk one’s cheeks and make them look older. 

  • Maintains Oral Health

With dental implants, patients can replace their missing teeth and enable them to maintain their smile without any special procedures other than basic oral hygiene. Implants can help improve the health and appearance of your smile and, by maintaining your oral health and hygiene, can make it last even for a lifetime.

    • Enables You to Eat the Foods You Love

    An implant crown is permanently attached, so you don’t have to worry about your restoration shifting around when you bite into something hard, crunchy, or chewy. As long as you brush and floss your teeth daily, your implant crown will keep its good condition. It is also stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about dark foods discoloring it.

    • Makes You Look Good and Feel Good

    Implant crowns are custom-made to look and function just like your natural teeth. Since they will be attached to your implants, they won’t slip or slide around, so you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

    • Maintains Your Speech

    Implant crowns are a good option for many patients to maintain their speech, as missing teeth can cause lisps and other speech problems. And because the implant is permanently fused to your jawbone, it doesn’t move or slide around the way partial dentures do, so you don’t have to worry about clicking noises that wearing dentures could make and distract others.

    Implant crowns are popular because they are meant to look and feel like natural teeth. To learn more about the advantages of implant crowns, contact Dentist in Tulsa OK, Dieterlen Dental at 3015 E. 91st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137, or call (918) 299-2400


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