Free Second Opinion in Tulsa, OK

Sometimes, patients feel uneasy about their diagnosis or treatment plan. They want a second opinion from another dentist who has no previous knowledge of their treatment history. A free second opinion in Tulsa, OK, on the condition of your teeth or mouth can help you better understand your diagnosis, treatment plan, and options.

When a patient is unhappy with the treatment plan recommended by one dentist, they can contact another dentist for a free second opinion in Tulsa, OK. In some cases, the patient might schedule an appointment with a new dentist to discuss treatment options and get multiple opinions before choosing a treatment plan and moving forward with treatment.

Is it really free?

Yes! Our free consultations are 100% complementary. We also offer a free second opinion in Tulsa, OK, from a dentist who has not consulted on your case before or has not reviewed your clinical records before. This free service makes it risk-free and easy for you to compare and contrast opinions and treatment plans from different dentists– both oral surgeons, orthodontists, and general dentists — who are all within the same network and are also the highest qualified professionals in their fields. To schedule your free consultation for a free second opinion in Tulsa, OK, simply fill out the contact form.

Get in touch with our dentist for a free second opinion in Tulsa, OK, or visit our practice Dieterlen Dentistry at 3015 E. 91st Street, Tulsa, OK, 74137. You can call us at (918) 299-2400 to learn more about the dental services we offer.


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