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Oral cancer screening tulsa

Oral cancer screening in Tulsa is very important. At Dieterlen Dentistry in Tulsa, we take oral cancer seriously. We know from the statistics available that the oral cancer rate is high due to late discovery. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, “A person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day.” The key to keeping oral cancer rates down is early detection. That’s why we utilize the Sapphire® Plus Lesion Detection system. It  is painless and takes just minutes…minutes that could save your life.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

  • More common in men than women
  • Most common in African Americans
  • Greater risk after  age 35
  • Tobacco use
  • Frequent alcohol consumption
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight (lip cancer)
  • A diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • The sexually transmitted infection HP

Approximately 25% of oral cancer cases have no known risk factors


  • Red and/or white patches in the mouth
  • Any sore that doesn’t heal within 14 days
  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Feeling like something is caught in the throat
  • Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue
  • Ear pain on one side only
  • A sore under a denture that doesn’t heal
  • A lump or thickening in the mouth or on the neck

To learn more click the following link which provides further details on the Sapphire® Plus Lesion Detection system or call us at 918-299-2400 to schedule an appoinment.